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Nowadays, studying any degree in abroad is very famed, And especially to study medicine abroad becomes very crucial. Students who completed their schooling and seeking to pursue medical to study overseas with reasonable cost. Before looking for your best medical resource, Students should be aware of, what are the criteria to study medicine in abroad for Indian students? Whether it is affiliated or qualified with MCI? Most of the colleges in abroad will differ between the government and private colleges. For Indian students who show interest to pursue medical in abroad as follows:

- To require a score of more than 50% marks and above in science subjects with the higher secondary certificate.

- Valid passport.

- Eligibility certificate from MCI website.

Students intend to get admissions to study MBBS abroad. Presently the Philippines is one of the best options to study MBBS for Indian students because Philippines is an interesting country mostly for Indian students to their career growth. Advantages of Philippines is good atmospheric condition and low-cost medical colleges compared to other countries.

Various medical colleges and universities in the Philippines offer excellent opportunities and facilities in the field of medical education. Lyceum Northwestern University is one of them. Lyceum Northwestern universities with MCI Approved, shortly known as L-NU, is a medical college located in Dagupan City, Philippines. The professors are trained and well-qualified in international standard in the kind of discipline and values.

So Indian students who pursue to study medical colleges in Philippines can find Lyceum International Education, who can guide you throughout the period of your education at Lyceum Northwestern University that takes care of all requirements.

What Could Be Your Decision To Study MBBS Abroad → https://bit.ly/2MjzrpX

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