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Original Title: Vintage Harts

Genge: Action,Adventure,Crime,Mystery,Romance


































The distributors of the Harts new wine venture, are delivering - murder!
This one takes place in the midst of the wine industry complete with sommeliers, distributors, and murder. Honestly, I had a hard time following this one, but I still really enjoyed it. Most of the acting was quite good, but I could have done without Lt. Gillis; I know he was a veteran character actor, but I REALLY didn't like this cop. Lt. Grey was a great addition, this guy was buffoony and a terrible detective and, frankly, a bad caricature, not to be taken seriously. Again, I struggled to figure out what the "evil plan" was, but the realistic nature of the wine industry and tasting was fun and well-done. Note to self: One guest star was Mr. Belvedere, and another one was veteran actress Carolyn Seymour, who was a huge Star Trek presence playing a Romulan on Next Gen. Despite her acting skills, all I saw was the Romulan. So, it was like two of my favorite shows at the same time.


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