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Seventy years after Japan's defeat in World War Two www.eccocasualshoesclearance.com , the conflict's legacy haunts East Asia and reconciliation remains elusive.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe may hope to lay the ghosts to rest with a statement on Friday marking the 70th anniversary of the war's end, but risks inflaming tension instead.

Abe is expected to express "deep remorse" in his comments.

But China and South Korea, where bitter memories of Japan's past militarism run deep, want Abe to stick to a landmark 1995 "heartfelt apology" by then-premier Tomiichi Murayama for suffering caused by Japan's "colonial rule and aggression".

Abe himself wants to keep a thaw in Sino-Japanese ties on track ahead of a possible visit to Beijing.

He also needs to satisfy ally the United States, which is keen to see tension ease in a region.

Abe's conservative supporters, however ecco shoes clearance online , want to end what they see as a humiliating cycle of apologies.

"What Abe has to do for smooth sailing is to say something his friends inside the Beltway can sell in Washington," said Andrew Horvat, visiting professor at Josai International University in Tokyo, referring to Washington insiders.

"The Murayama Statement is the 'gold standard' but we know that Abe, in his heart of hearts, doesn't want to say what the Murayama Statement said ecco shoes clearance sale ," Horvat added.

"Abe will attempt to satisfy as many parties under the circumstances as possible."

Abe has said he upholds past official remarks on the war, including the Murayama Statement and a 1993 apology to "comfort women", as those forced into prostitution and sexually abused at Japan's wartime military brothels are euphemistically known.

But Abe, who critics view as a revisionist who wants to play down Japan's wartime acts, has stressed he wants to issue a forward-looking statement in his own words.

NHK public television said this week Abe would include the word "apology". Other media said that touchy issue was still being worked out.

Abe will mention "colonial rule" and "aggression", media said ecco casual shoes clearance , but the reference to the latter could be a general criticism that does not single out Japan's invasion of China.

Whatever Abe says, disputes over history are unlikely to fade any time soon, given dynamics in the region that sustain the feuds.

Governments in China and South Korea have often used anti-Japanese sentiment to win support, while Japanese conservative politicians periodically play to a base that includes atrocity deniers as well as those suffering from "apology fatigue".

"History has not been laid to rest," Horvat said.

Former world No.1 Tiger Woods said Tuesday he had no timetable for his -return as he struggles to regain fitness after back surgery, admitting that any other tournament victories in the -twilight of his career would be "gravy."

A gloomy Woods ecco shoes clearance , who turns 40 later this month, told reporters at the Hero World Challenge at Albany Golf Club in the Bahamas, which benefits his foundation, that he was frustrated by the -inability to set a date for his return.

Asked if it was possible he may not play at all in 2016 as he recovers from two operations on his back in September and October, Woods replied, "You know ECCO Mens Yucatan Sandals 069564-50034 Black , I've been asked this quite a bit lately and the answer is I don't know, only because I really don't, I really don't."

Woods said it had not been possible to set a timetable for his return because of the nature of the problem in his back.

"There is no timetable for this [-recovery], and that's been the hardest mind-set adjustment. Where is the light at the end of the tunnel? I don't know, so that's been hard," Woods said.

Woods once led the world ranking for a record 623 weeks but has since fallen to 400th in the world after struggling with form and fitness in recent years.

Woods underwent microdiscectomy surgery to remove a fragment that was causing a pinched nerve in September. He had another surgery to ease discomfort in October.

Woods played in only 11 events in 2015 because of his fitness problems ECCO Chander Classic Fisherman Sandals 530914-01001 Black , having played only seven tournaments the previous year.

Despite the downbeat assessment of his immediate future, Woods said he would be satisfied if he failed to add to his astounding haul of 14 majors - four adrift of Jack Nicklaus' 18 - and 79 wins, three behind Sam Snead's 82.

"I'm hoping that I can get back out here and compete against these guys," Woods said. "But if that's not the case anymore, then I'll find other avenues, that being growing my foundation Men'S ECCO Intrinsic Sandals 842014 Black , golf course design or other projects I have going on right now that will certainly take up more of my time."

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