The Starlet Lux1540 and Starlet Lux2940 are done in the same treatment session. The results in terms of wrinkle removal, skin plumping, improved skin texture, pigment removal and general skin rejuvenation are excellent and better than either treatment done alone. This is a very new technique; I just presented our findings in Dallas, Texas at the Palomar Medical Advanced laser seminar on January 24, 2009. We have been working on this project for over two years. How Is Combined Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing Done? The combined fractional laser skin resurfacing Idrotherapy Wrinkle Reducer treatment is done in my office with a topical local anesthetic cream. Your face will be cleansed and a topical numbing cream applied. I also give you a tranquilizer and an analgesic to help you relax and be more comfortable during treatment. The Starlet Lux1540 treatment is done first by my medical aesthetician and takes about 30 minutes. Numbing medicine is re-applied, and I or my plastic surgeon associate does the actual Starlet Lux2940 ablative treatment. After your treatment we apply cold wet compresses to the skin. Then a soothing ointment will be placed on your skin, and you will go home. During the first 24 hours you will place soothing soaks on your skin and apply ointment every few hours. By day 2 or 3 you will finish the soaks and only apply ointment as you need it. You will be given analgesic tablets in case you need them and Vulture to protect you from a Herpes Skin outbreak. We also give you prophylactic Essense Of Argan antibiotics to protect against skin infection during healing. What Will I look Like After Treatment and How Long Is Recovery? Your skin will be pink to red after treatment. The first 24 hours your skin will be moist and old skin cells will peel off and be removed by the soaks. Your new skin will cover your face in 2 to 3 days, very different from the 2-3 weeks required for skin healing after the old time float beam laser treatments. Your face will remain pink for 5-7 days, but you can wear make up by day 4.

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