A lot of of our initially time players are curious regarding the bubbles they’ll be wearing for the subsequent couple of hours once they arrive. No need to worry the mystery, we've got plenty of details about our bubbles!

Comfort and safety are the most significant components of a bubble since you can not play when you are not feeling good about your bubble. Our bubbles are constructed just like a actually big backpack with two shoulder straps to carry the bubble around. These straps are covered having a soft padding to make sure the bubbles do not dig in and make them comfy for an afternoon. The bubbles also have hand grips so that you will get that extra push when you are creating your hit. These pads are also covered in soft pads to make gripping them additional comfortable and less complicated.

Our bubbles are created from soft and smooth PVC and TPU plastics that are common in a lot of household protects. The distinction is the fact that our bubbles are just 0.eight mm thick so they are not heavy and firm like the plastics around your house. These plastics are also versatile to ensure that whatever you land on the bubble stays sturdy and protects you.

The bubbles weigh about 15-20 lbs so they’re to not heavy from even little kids. The majority of the time even the littlest ones can carry the bubble, so long as they are tall enough. We have events with children as smaller as 9-10 so we know it functions nicely for the all ages.

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