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Nowadays many Indian students desire to go abroad for medical studies. But they didn’t seem to be aware of how to take a step forward and where to ask about the enquiry regarding medical education. Are you in thought of studying medicine in abroad? Don’t worry!  There are medical admission consultants in Chennai who gives complete support and better assurance to reach your dream goal.

Choose the right Overseas Medical Education Consultant who reaches your requirements.

How to find the desired overseas medical education consultant to study medicine abroad?

To find the foremost medical consultant, we have to clear that what are the facilities a consultant can provide for their students to study abroad. If that matches your choice, then you would be facing an hassle-free life forever.

Before consulting a guide, make sure you set a goal, desired to choose your destination where you find your upcoming time to be spending worthy enough.

There are simple techniques to find a better university abroad:


  • Excellent faculty and teaching systems
  • MCI and USMLE certification
  • Campus and proper accommodation:
  • Food Convenient for Indian Students:
  • Connectivity and security

1. Excellent Faculty and Teaching Systems:

Indian students need to look at the positive aspects of faculty and teaching systems in abroad medical universities. Many Abroad universities look forward to teaching systems like on their mother tongue languages, none of the common language like English to provide students. But some universities being taught with own language and English also.

So Indian students will console to overseas medical consultants and understands what types of teaching method they will provide.

2. MCI and USMLE Certification:

Difference between MCI and USMLE Certification. MCI(medical council of India) is for Indians who had finished MBBS from abroad.

USMLE(United State Medical Licensing Examination) is eligible to apply for residency in the US. After Completing USMLE avail to work in most of the countries in the world.

A similarity between these courses with Indian and global requirements such is MCI and USMLE certification. MCI (Medical Council of India) is a mandatory screening test for Indian medical students who return from abroad.

MCI in India is also called FGME (Foreign Medical Graduation Exam). In Abroad, MCI or FGME exam happens twice in a year and exam had been conducted in English. Many abroad universities provide free MCI Course for students, So there will be no issue in clearing the exam.

3. Campus and Proper Accommodation:

To know about campus facilities and proper accommodation, many students imagine their desired university should be a large campus facility with suitable segregated accommodation. Because students to pursue their medical studies have been satisfied and feel comfortable.

Some universities make it available for a large campus with more facilities and better accommodation for students satisfaction.

4. Food Convenient for Indian Students:

In abroad universities, the number of Indian students enrolling for medical studies away from home country. The main reason for students to find universities with Indian food amenities. Some abroad universities segregate cuisine for Indian students.

So Indians be aware of choosing abroad universities with appropriate, convenient food.

5. Connectivity and Security:

Students who have enrolled the abroad universities through the overseas medical consultant they have to share happiness and positive reviews about their connectivity about a medical consultant.

Many overseas medical education consultants should not end with collecting of fees, but still, relationship with the students should be friendly and be better assistance till the end of the course with the secured connection without any difficulties.

Role Of Lyceum International Education:

Lyceum International Education is the professional MBBS Admission consultants in Chennai, who were the best players in the industry with hands-on experience in giving accurate suggestions and guidance for students in the right way. Lyceum help students to study medicine in Lyceum Northwestern University Philippines.

The Philippines is one of the safest countries in the world and has a high quality of life. The Philippines is the third largest English speaking country and affordable cost compared to India.

Lyceum Northwestern University is an ISO 9001: 1994 Certified educational Institution. It registers 100% pass rate and College of Medicine was recognized as the THIRD BEST medical school in the Philippines and was ranked FIFTH WORLDWIDE based on 1982 Foreign Medical Graduates Exam Results (ECFMG) in Philadelphia, USA.

Are you willing to pursue Medical education in abroad (Philippines)?  Visit:-

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