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Original Title: Absolute Hundred

Genge: Action,Crime,Drama,Thriller


































Igor Gordic (Srdjan Todorovic) won the gold medal in shooting at the World Championship in 1991. Soon after that success he got drafted by the army as a sniper. During the war the killing of people (or like the film says:"spilling their brains out") was for him only possible under the influence of drugs. After his return he quit shooting due to seeing faces of his kills from war in every target he aimed at recognizing that the only thing he can see in any rifle is death. He continued abusing drugs and fell deeper and deeper into debts and problems with Belgrade's uprising mafia-subculture where one of his former best friends (another war veteran) is one of the heads. Sasa Gordic (Vuk Kostic), Igor's younger brother, who's at shooting at least as good as Igor is preparing for a contest in France. The need of money for more drugs makes his brother sell the shooting stand the two brothers inherited by their father. As the new owner limits Sasa's access he takes Igor's rifle from war and takes law into his own hands, but the new owner of the stand is only the first victim to come in this drama. This movie is one of the best works available from the Balkans in recent times showing pretty much the situation Serbia and probably the surrounding countries (i.e. the former Yugoslavian states) were driven into by war.
Igor Gordic was an Olympic Champion in shooting, but now he is a junky without money and in debts to mafia. Sasa is his younger brother and he is getting ready for the next World Championship. Since he's not getting enough terms to practice indoors, he's decided to go out and find himself a target to practice on.
Trainspotting came to mind but mostly Pusher, the Danish film of Nicholas Winding Raph. What is interesting and fresh is the characters' profession and their environment, the two brothers are shooting, as their father did, the shooting gallery is presented as the center of these people universe, around the world of block of flats in an ugly, periferic world. From sport to killing and how political choices took over lives making it no way out. It's all about the Yugoslavian war trauma, presented from the point of view of the shooter as target. Realistic, good acting, a lot of rage and a new director with something to say. Gritty and real like a cold bullet. 8/10
This film is about a family of marksmen. The father was famous, and the older brother (who reminded me of David Spade) was a world champion in his day, but has become a junkie since the war. The younger brother (who reminded me a bit of Wes Bentley) is training for a big tournament, but external events such as his brother selling the shooting range are making this increasingly difficult.

This is a film with a very energetic style, including pounding music and an injection scene that reminded me a bit of "Requiem for a Dream," but it didn't connect for me. Seen at Cinequest (the San Jose, CA film festival) on 2/28/2002.


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